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Monday, 8 May,2023

With cutting-edge technology, modern mechanical equipment and many years of Know-how in the manufacture of glue traps, we produce, glued products for agricultural use, in various colors, sizes and shapes and at the most competitive prices.

We use high quality raw materials of European origin, in order for us to achieve excellent results and consistency in the quality. The glue traps can be packed in a variety of ways, and all products and packaging can be printed according to our customers’ preferences.

Color traps attract insects dependent on their color, and insects are captured on the glue surface. The glue is resistant to solar and UV-radiation .
Traps are non-toxic, environmentally friendly without containing biocidal substances.

They are used outdoors, at crops about 10 pcs per 100m2 of cultivation, or 1 trap per plant.

Suitable for use in greenhouses, but also in domestic spaces such as gardens and balconies to protect our plants from pests and flying insects.
Their use is extremely simple, as only peeling off the adhesive paper is required.

The traps are hanged either at a height of about ½ meter in low crops or ornamental plants or about 1 – 1.5 meters in tree plantations.

The trap is replaced as soon as it is fully covered by insects or after a max. interval of 2 months regardless of the amount of insects sticked on their surface.


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