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  • OUR GLUE: The glue that we use is UVA stable with the highest possible resistance which lasts for more than 2 months.
  • CARDBOARD: We use several types of cardboards in order to meet all our customer’s needs. Our customer can choose the type of the cardboard needed. Recycled card, thickness, plastic- coated card are some of our customers’ options.
  • PLASTIC, CORREX BOARDS: All glue boards can be produced by using plastic material. This can be done depending on our customer’s prefer to ensure that the glue boards will perform excellent under high humidity conditions.

Product Categories

Glue boards for all available units in the market

Glue traps for rodents

Glue traps for cockroaches


Glue boards are produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit all available units on the market. Our customers have the advantage to choose the material (plastic or paper), the specific dimensions and the package they prefer, in all our products. They also have the opportunity to name our products after their company’s LOGO. The glue that we use in our boards is UVA stable with the highest possible resistance which lasts for more than 2 months without getting dry.

Either paper, plastic or wood is used to produce glue traps for rodents. The strong glue that we use is capable of capturing and not allowing the rodent to escape. Paper and plastic glue traps are appropriate for small rodents and can be used alone or inside mechanical traps. Wooden traps are ideal for the capture of rats. Both the large size and the heaviness are the factors which guarantee that the rat cannot escape the trap.

EUROTRAP manufactures a variety of products for the capturing of cockroaches. Specifically, glue traps with attractant pill or aroma-scented are available. Products such as single traps, 3-parts or 5- parts separated traps in accordance with customer’s needs or preferences can be manufactured

Δ-traps for Stored Products Pests


Electrical Fly Killers


Paper DELTA – Traps (“Δ”) for the control of stored products’ insects are one of our most popular products. The high quality pheromone lure and the high – resistance glue contribute to the maximum outcome of the trap.

Our customer’s company LOGO can be printed in all our products. This gives to our customer the alternative to create BRAND NAME products for his company.

Eurotrap is the manufacturer of 4 different types of EFKs. The electrical Fly Killers (completed with adhesive glue board and shatterproof UV tubes) meet the HEALTH & FOOD SAFETY criteria and can be placed in food & beverages industries.

  • CIK – 16 with 2 tubes x 8 watt and coverage up to 60 sm
  • CIK – 20 with 1 tube x 20 watt and coverage up to 90 sm.
  • CIK – 30 with 2 tubes x 15 watt and coverage up to 120 sm.
  • CIK – 40 with 2 tubes x 20 watt and coverage up to
  • 160 sm.