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About Us

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EUROTRAP is a European company that produces glue boards and traps for the professionals of pest control.

We are proud to have:

  • Fully automated production line

Brand new machinery fully automated is now in our heritage. This machine has maximized the speed of our production’s capacities to the fullest. Also, the precision in the quantity of glue placed in the boards makes our products of highest quality.

  • Raw material of excellent quality and EUROPEAN origin

All the raw material that we use (paper, plastic, glue, silicon paper, pheromone lures) is supplied by European countries and the top-leading industries.

  • Highly trained and experienced employees

Our experienced personnel achieve to meet the expectations of our customers with high consistency.

  • Quality control checked products

The quality control department of our company guarantees that each one of our product available in the market performs well.

  • Professional packaging

The packaging of our production is our customer’s choice.

  • After sales control

Our main goal is to meet our customers’ expectations. For that reason, our company’s sales department is in continuous contact with the customers after the sales of the products in order to avoid any inconvenience caused.

Exports to over 25 countries all over the world